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From the songwriter

It was a very exciting period for all of us when It's Christmas Day was first released. The song received coverage in the national and local newspapers. It was featured 3 times on the Scottish national news programme Reporting Scotland (including the last item before Christmas). It also received numerous plays on Radio Clyde, BBC Radio Scotland and others. It was always very exciting to have the radio on and happen to hear “It’s Christmas Day” after Cliff Richard or before Queen.


Fast forward to this year and after making a video of “It’s Christmas Day”, it has been picked up by school and church choirs.They are in many parts of the globe including Australia, Mexico, Phoenix and North Carolina.


Closer to home, we were delighted to say that the pupils of Balfron Primary School performed the song last year for the first time since the original single release at their carol concert. The did an excellent job and who knows, maybe a relative or two of the original Balfron Christmas Stars was in the school choir.